Big Block GMC Jimmy K5 Blazer Is The Perfect Beach Cruiser

Sep 16, 2021 1 min read
Big Block GMC Jimmy K5 Blazer Is The Perfect Beach Cruiser

This vintage off-roader was built by Steven from SMP Fab.

The K5 Blazer was one of America’s first widely recognized SUVs remembered for its offroad utility, respectable power figures, and on-road capability. The wild GMC beats had no problem handling the twisting canyon roads of the California outer lands. Of course, the engineers at GM also gave the car extensive on-road capacity as well as offroad which made the SUV an awesome daily driver that you could have some fun with on the weekends. Because of this, many people have taken notice in recent years and the Blazer has reached Broncho levels of popularity within the offroading truck and SUV community. That prestige is best shown through this build which makes a point of standing out in the crowd of these suped-up SUVs.

Under the hood of this beautiful 1972, GMC Jimmy K5 Blazer is a gigantic 502 ci big-block V8 which is mated to an extremely efficient and smooth Turbo 400 transmission. The truck has been lifted a total of 8” which allows the vehicle to sit atop a set of 37” tires. Quick work is made of any bumping roads and rough terrain in a very effective manner which is perfect for what this monster was built for.

A full roll cage accompanies the vehicle which gives the driver an extra layer of protection while also giving the Blazer a sportier fastback look. When you look at those massive 37-inch tires it becomes apparent that the car was built for the beaches of California as the wheels are wrapped in a set of Baja T/As. This sand racer aesthetic is further accentuated by the custom bumpers, suspension, and “hotrod ESC” black leather interior. After almost 50 years of driving, this Blazer has just been given a new lease on life as a badass beach cruiser with a big engine under the hood.

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