Jezebel Charger Revs Free Again

May 16, 2022 2 min read
Jezebel Charger Revs Free Again

This aptly named 1970 Charger is a mighty Dodge with a passion for speed.

Jezebel is a name that many of us associate with a mystical female character in a spy film or action movie as either a hero, villain or supporting character. Yet, even reading it may excite something within you to radiate emotion, as the word has a soft quality. These may have been the very same thoughts in the mind of Scott from Scott’s Speed Shop when building and branding his 1970 Dodge Charger. Along with massive power figures, the Charger was made to drive like an old-school rock and roll racer. However, some unfortunate events led to the engine’s demise and the eventual rebuilding of the powerhouse. Nowadays, the Charger is ready for action once again with its Mopar machine by its side.

Under the hood is soon to be a massive 500 ci Mopar big-block V8 engine which puts out a ridiculous amount of power. You may be wondering how he got his hands on such a substantial powerhouse, but the answer to that is quite simple. Unlike some builders who opt to bore the cylinders themselves, this V8 engine has been stroked out. This should help give the engine a ton of extra power and the high-ram-style intake, which sucks air into two massive carburetors. This modification adds up to an insanely powerful motor, but the team, consisting of Scott and his Dad, was having some trouble getting it in.

At first, things seemed like they would fit fine, but the guys soon found out that the engine mounts would be a bit of a problem. These mounts allowed the engine to sit higher than usual, but it also had the downside of brushing the block up against some suspension components. In addition, the exhaust manifold was also an issue as these particular headers were from an early B-body vehicle which, again, scraped some suspension parts. Eventually, these issues were all worked out, and Jezebel was able to run wild once again!

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