Muscle Cars Throw Down At Firebird

Sep 24, 2021 1 min read
Muscle Cars Throw Down At Firebird

Some of racing’s biggest names destroy the competition in a feat of brutality and grace.

When a hawk spots its prey sitting in a field or tree, ripe for the taking, it is patient. It waits in the sky for the perfect time to strike, and when all is said and done, there is nothing left to scavenge. This brutality of nature is the quintessential dynamic of the Firebird no-prep drag racing event. There is a prize to be one, whether it is money, or fame, or the admiration of your peers. This intense competition strives to pit the best against one another for victory above all others. Two matadors of machines that seek this goal are Jerry and Birdman. These respected drivers put everything on the limits to capture their prey because they know the power of their cars and their skill.

The track was sketchy at best and, with such powerful cars pushing figures into the thousands, this quickly became an issue for the drivers. Birdman, in particular, couldn't keep his beautiful red Camaro on the straight and narrow with his various grudge matches with Jerry Bird. Lizzy Musi made a stunning appearance in her late-model Camaro, leaving audiences in awe as she blew through the track with grace and violent speed. Jerry Bird is behind the wheel of his infamous blue nitro Probe, showing the competition the brutality provided to him by superior engineering and driver skill.

Race after the race came and left while the competitors strutted their stuff like wild peacocks taunting the others. Eventually, Birdman worked out his traction problem and began running like the crazy old man we all know and love. Lizzy Musi continued her crusade, shooting down any competitors daring enough to challenge her rain as the fastest driver on that track. We also got to see a showdown between Birdman and Ryan Martin, competing in a late-model Camaro that ripped down the way at ridiculous speeds as it blew the pants off of one gentleman in the burnout box.

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