Integra Battles Foxbody

Nov 30, 2022 1 min read
Integra Battles Foxbody

Less weight plus more power equals a faster car, right?

Honda versus Ford, Toyota versus Pontiac, Nissan versus dodge, what do all these rivalries have in common? Well, they all pet some of the most recognizable and iconic brands from Japan and America against each other. In fact it’s been sort of a running competition between America and Japan, ever since a certain somebody decided to bomb a certain Hawaiian, and fans of both nationality compete ferociously for the win. Perhaps the argument can finally be settled once the race has run between this astonishing Ford mustang and it’s Acura Integra competitor.

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First of all, and I’m just playing devil's advocate here, the Integra is an all-wheel-drive beast. Not to mention the fact it also makes about 1,400 horsepower and only weighs 2,700lbs! This should be a tough one for the 3,000lbs Ford Mustang Foxbody. In typical Mustang fashion, the Foxbody is short on power, only pushing 1,200 horsepower. At this point you’re probably wondering whose side I’m on, to which the only appropriate response is to say that my snarkiness does not discriminate.

So finally it was off to the races and their first round was about as crazy as you might expect. Essentially, the Mustang took off with is nearly popping a wheelie and gapping the Integra by several car lengths. It’s quite funny how this video was supposed to prove the haters of Honda wrong and show the world that the Japanese could really make a good drag racing car. However the second round turned out pretty much the same with the heavier and less powerful mustang beating the Integra down the strip. So, in conclusion, because the team framed this video as a Honda versus haters moment, it is officially OK to make fun of Integras. All jokes aside, both of these cars are pretty wicked and everybody involved, including the drivers, had a lot of fun which is what really matters.

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