Heavily Modified Integra Races 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Police Car

Mar 26, 2022 2 min read
Heavily Modified Integra Races 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Police Car

It’s an import vs domestic smackdown!

Normally, it would be laughable to put an Acura Integra up against a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda. While not nearly has hot as the latter ‘Cuda models, the Acura which is a slightly hotter version of the Honda Civic isn’t exactly some performance monster. Only, this particular Integra GSR has been modified six ways to Sunday and is claimed to be pushing 1,100-horsepower, which is just insane.

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Yes, this is another installment in the crazy Hoonigan series This Vs That. They like to match up seemingly polar opposite cars, pitting them against each other for an informal drag race to see who gets bragging rights. It’s a real import vs domestic smackdown and only one can be victorious!

While the 1992 Acura Integra GSR is obviously pushing some big mods you can see plainly at a glance, you should know that backing up the engine, which isn’t covered by a hood, is a 4-speed automatic transmission. That does eliminate the risk of the driver doing sloppy shifts. Plus, check out the massive 26-inch-wide slicks up front, clearly indicating this guy didn’t convert the car to RWD, which with all the other things he’s done to it might have been a good idea. However, one of the biggest advantages of the car is the weight, which comes in at just 2,450 lbs. Yeah, that’s going to pose a challenge for the Plymouth.

s for the 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, the 440ci V8 has been modified to push a mighty 735-hp at the crank. Again, we’re going off what the owner claims, so you can either believe that or not. A 3-speed TorqueFlite sends power toward the rear axle. That engine has to push about 3,010 lbs., which is still surprisingly lightweight for such a car.

Even with all that power, can the Acura hook up and make the Plymouth pony car shut up. These two cars are pretty much polar opposites when it comes to their approach to performance. Everyone will have their favorite, but which is yours? Make your prediction, then check out the video to see what happens. If you want to skip straight to the racing, go to 9:37.

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