Insane 1995 SVT Mustang Cobra Boasts 707 Horsepower

Oct 22, 2021 1 min read
Insane 1995 SVT Mustang Cobra Boasts 707 Horsepower

Just how crazy could this powerful American pony car be? The answer is pretty insane.

The Ford Mustang has always had a devoted following throughout every production due to its sleek European styling and emphasis on affordable performance. Without a doubt, this carries especially into the fourth generation of these viscous vehicles. As far as American performance and pony cars go, the 1990s were a time to rejoice for car enthusiasts everywhere as this was when models such as the Firebird, Camaro, and even Mustang were beginning to recapture that incredible "X-factor" that made them so great in the first generations. This has led to many enthusiasts using these cheap, sporty, and easily adaptable Fords for everything from canyon cruisers to drag strip dominators.

Check out some old school Mustang goodness on AutotopiaLA here.

This car perfectly encapsulates that energy with a potent Cobra 327 ci V8 under the hood producing power in the range of 707 horsepower with help from a Vortech centrifugal supercharger kit. The methanol, headers, and 100 octane tune also assist the engine and keep this violent Mustang packed with enough power to lift the car's front in the air upon launch at the drag strip. The only hint given by the exterior that this car is not to be messed with is the massive tires and Weld Racing wheels and the black cowl hood.

As this iconic racing 'Stang barrels down the long straights of the California country, Sean, from Autotopia LA, can't help but smile at this car's intense acceleration and raw power. This great car seems more like ice skating than driving as the tires break loose upon take off. Burnouts are a piece of cake for this insane machine; at one point, the car did such an insane tire spin that it cleaned the pavement and left white streaks in its wake. One of the camera crew described this as "mythical," which seems to fit this wild 'Stang exceptionally well.

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