New Hummer EV Strands Owner

Oct 10, 2022 2 min read
New Hummer EV Strands Owner

The electric future sure looks fun!

After spending $115,000 for a luxury all-electric pickup truck you’d expect the thing to work properly for a few years. Unfortunately for YouTube channel The Fast Lane Truck, the GMC Hummer EV they bought almost immediately left one of the guys stranded in the middle of a left turn lane. When we say almost immediately, we mean the truck had under 250 miles on the odometer.

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You can see in the video the guy can’t do anything with the Hummer. It won’t go in any gear, he can’t open the trunk, plus he put it in Safe Mode and it still wouldn’t work. He says he thinks if you disconnect the battery you can hard reboot the vehicle, which to us sounds like what you do when your smartphone crashes.

Call us crazy, but we’re just not excited to have a software glitch or whatever strand us in the middle of traffic. It’s bad enough when a slipped spark plug wire makes your car lurch like a bucking bronco or when your carbureted engine stalls out at a light just as it turns green, but this seems much worse.

Thankfully, a cop came along and helped ensure nobody slammed right into the back end of the hummer. Considering what bricks those things are, we’re pretty sure that wouldn’t have turned out well for the other vehicle. The burly EV truck had to be loaded onto a wrecker after apparently getting the runaround from OnStar.

Before you say it must’ve needed a software update, The Fast Lane Truck claims it checked the software for updates immediately after taking delivery. Also, keep in mind that like Teslas and your smartphone, these receive over-the-air updates.

We just have to ask if the guy had tried turning the truck off and then on again, or holding down CTRL ALT DEL at the same time he might’ve been able to fix this issue after typing a few lines of code into the touchscreen on the dash. But seriously, being on the bleeding edge of technology like this doesn’t look the least bit fun or safe.

Images via GMC

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