Huge Barn Find Stash Uncovered In Secret Location

Oct 28, 2022 2 min read
Huge Barn Find Stash Uncovered In Secret Location

What would you do with all these rides?

Stumbling across just one or two barn find cars can be pretty exciting, but just imagine coming across a huge collection like the one featured in the included video. Documented by The Bearded Explorer, a UK YouTuber who likes to check out abandoned locations, this is truly a breathtaking discovery. Row after row of dusty British and European classic cars have been hidden away from view, revealing how some collections are truly forgotten.

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The collection is so huge it’s in multiple barns and spills to the outdoors as well. There are dozens and dozens of classic cars just sitting and it’s amazing to see.

Of course, to a lot of gearheads this is almost like a nightmare come true. If you have your own vehicle collection and take great pains to keep every last ride looking and running nice, this isn’t what you like to think about. The unpleasant truth is at some point these cars might have been similarly well cared for, only to have fallen into disrepair.

There are potentially many reasons for this to happen. If one’s health were to fail, maintaining cars might take a backseat to paying steep medical bills or even just making it from one day to the next. Also possible is that the owner died, left these cars and building to someone else, and they simply haven’t cared to maintain them.

The Bearded Explorer seems to have a propensity for discovering barn finds. He often discloses that he finds these remote, abandoned places through friends or contacts, something he mentions about this particular barn find collection. This flies in the face of some would-be barn find hunters’ “wisdom” that you don’t need to really deal with people, just that you need to know all about cars and that alone will help you gain access.

Instead, if you want to make amazing discoveries like this, you need to be good with people, gain their confidence, and then they’ll let you know about such hidden treasures. Yes, it helps if they know you’re a true gearhead and know what to do with rotting old cars, but you first have to win them over as a person.

Check out the video for yourself.

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