Explore An Interesting Hollywood Car Collection

Jan 6, 2022 1 min read
Explore An Interesting Hollywood Car Collection

This secret car collection has cars from celebrities, musicians, and politicians alike in one place!

The Velvet Collection has long been considered an icon of modern automotive society as it boasts a massive sum of cars from popular movies and television shows. However, as attractive as all of the movie cars are, these are far from the only cars that call the grounds of this immense collection home. Instead, the complete variety of vehicles also includes cars from musicians and politicians. This is best shown with one 1960 Cadillac that once carried John F. Kennedy Jr. and Jackie Roberts to the funeral of the late JFK Senior. Fans of the 1967 film "Double Trouble" will remember this next car as the very Cadillac Limo that was gifted to the late great Elvis Presley by MGM entertainment.

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While the King Of Rock is all well and good, there is another piece of musical royalty whose automotive exploits may surprise you. The vehicle in question is a goofy-looking golf cart with a bright blue exterior and some egg-like headlights. These cars are some of the most sought-after cars ever to hit the sales floor, but they are far from the only vehicles that sit on the property. One of our personal favorites, and a less extreme example, is the van from the 1996 comedy "The Cable Guy," which Jim Carrey drove.

This collection is made up of a ton of cars that have been fully restored and recreated to mirror their original glory. That means that the incredible automotive history stored within the boundaries of Hollywood will go on to be preserved and observed for centuries to come. From the original El Camino driven by Jesse Pinkman in "Breaking Bad" to Frank Sinatra's RV, The Velvet Collection has a terrific selection of famed vehicles from pop culture. For this reason, tourists from across the world come to see these insane cars that serve as a physical relic of history.

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