1968 Holden HK GTS Monaro Auctions For Less Than Expected

Mar 3, 2022 2 min read
1968 Holden HK GTS Monaro Auctions For Less Than Expected

But was it really a deal?

Over the weekend, a rare 1968 Holden HK GTS Monaro 327 Bathurst Coupe crossed the auction block at the Lloyds in Australia. The numbers-matching Australian muscle car caused quite a stir ahead of the auction, thanks in no small part to its breathtaking presentation. While it would be easy to believe it had been restored, the Holden was in fact an unrestored survivor with mostly original paint, if you can believe that.

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Ultimately, the ’68 Holden GTS Monaro sold for $330,000 AUD. That fell short of the wild estimation of $500,000 some were throwing around, but it’s still quite the chunk of change. Since it’s an iconic car for enthusiasts Down Under, many believed it would command more while on the auction block.

Not only is the Holden numbers-matching and unrestored, the interior is entirely original. Photos portray it as about as flawless as you could expect for a car its age. Considering the listing states only 57,593 miles showing on the odometer, it’s obvious the owner has used the muscle car gently in its impressively lengthy lifetime.

Considering this Monaro is powered by a 327ci V8, the owner must have quite the willpower. After all, the temptation to hoon your Holden until there’s a huge cloud of tire smoke in a declaration of your love for the muscle car can be incredibly compelling.

The winner not only got the Monaro but also the original owner’s manual as well as the NSW plates from when the car was first registered. Paperwork and receipts for work done to the vehicle since brand new were added to sweeten the deal further.

Some of our Australian readers might recognize this 1968 Holden HK GTS Monaro 327 Bathurst Coupe. It was featured in Unique Cars for September 2020 for a survivor car special. It’s also possible they’ve seen it elsewhere since you don’t easily forget such a ride.

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