Historic 1922 Overland Convertible Stolen, Reported 15 Months Later

Apr 19, 2024 2 min read
Historic 1922 Overland Convertible Stolen, Reported 15 Months Later

A 102-year-old Overland convertible was reported stolen, with authorities seeking public assistance 15 months after the theft.

In a surprising delay that has complicated investigative efforts, a 1922 Overland convertible was only recently reported stolen, despite the theft occurring over a year ago in January 2023. The Door County Sheriff's Office has now issued a public appeal for information regarding the antique vehicle, which was taken from a farm in the Brussels area of southern Door County, Wisconsin.

The antique car, described as tan with black fenders, running boards, and brownish wooden wheels, is a unique and valuable piece of automotive history. At the time of the theft, the car was operational and well-maintained, adding to its significance as a collectible item. The late reporting of the theft, which Sgt. Investigator Chris Neuville attributed to the elderly owner’s initial hesitation to involve authorities, has posed significant challenges to the recovery efforts.

The 1922 Overland is more than just a vintage vehicle; it represents a pivotal era in American automotive history. Overland Automobile Co., established in 1903, was a precursor to the more well-known Willys-Overland Motor Co., which played a crucial role in automotive innovations and later in the production of military Jeeps during World War II. The stolen model belongs to the era when Overland was producing some of the most popular vehicles in America, second only to Ford.

Despite the time elapsed since the theft, the Door County Sheriff’s Office remains hopeful that the car's distinctiveness and historical value might prevent it from being dismantled for parts. They believe that someone might have spotted the rare vehicle, or it may still be intact and hidden away.

The community and car enthusiasts are urged to come forward with any information that might lead to the recovery of this prized 1922 Overland convertible. Anyone with knowledge about the car's whereabouts or the circumstances of its theft is encouraged to contact the Door County Sheriff's Office at 920-746-2560. The hope is that this piece of automotive heritage can be returned to its rightful owner and preserved for future generations to appreciate.

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