Guy Turns Hellcat Into Mad Max Tribute

Sep 9, 2023 2 min read
Guy Turns Hellcat Into Mad Max Tribute

This is pretty cool…

When we first saw that someone transformed a Dodge Challenger Hellcat into a Mad Max Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe Interceptor tribute, we thought it was a great idea. And when we saw the final product, we felt vindicated. Sadly, modern Aussie muscle cars aren’t a thing anymore, so using a crazy modern American muscle car to pay tribute to Max Rockatansky seems appropriate.

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Robert Selby is the man behind this car which he calls Mad Cat. This build doesn’t just feature all custom fabricated bodywork. Selby sourced a Falcon nose and the vents which sit behind the doors. For the roof-mounted wing, he turned to a 1980 Chevy Camaro. For the fastback portion, he cut up a shell donated by a 1970 Ford Torino. Of course, there’s custom fabrication on top of these pieces, but to source parts from all these different vehicles took some serious creativity.

This isn’t the only non-Falcon Mad Max tribute car we’ve seen. In the past, we covered a Buick GNX styled to look somewhat like the hero car. But this Challenger Hellcat really nails the look and feel of the famous movie ride, which is quite impressive.

Selby has another modified Mopar, a Dodge Charger Hellcat modified to look like it came from the Resident Evil video games. That build not only features a full exterior cage and push bar, there are miniguns mounted to the roof (we’re pretty sure they’re not functional).

The man is also a big fan of Breaking Bad. He crafted a motorhome to look like the mobile meth lab from the show, plus he purchased a Pontiac Aztek on purpose and repainted it to look like Walter White’s The man has remarked that while his work amuses plenty of people, the two Hellcats break plenty of necks as he drives by.

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