Hellcat Charger Goes Head To Head With Shelby GT500

May 16, 2024 1 min read
Hellcat Charger Goes Head To Head With Shelby GT500

This is a race we've been waiting to see!

The Hellcat, one of Dodge's most potent creations. With 707 hard-hitting horses being produced from a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 this car was built for speed. Having been born for drag strip domination, the Hellcat is essentially the perfect machine for straight-line speed. If this is complemented by a driver who knows what he's doing, the Dodge Hellcat could be the perfect speed demon. Another of America’s favorite performance cars is the Ford Mustang. This pioneer of performance was the world's first pony car and, while it may not have been very fast in the beginning, it has now become one of the United States best selling performance vehicles.

This is especially prominent within the community surrounding the Shelby American performance models. In particular, the Shelby GT500 is powered by a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 pushing out an incredible 762 horsepower. It would appear that the GT500 has the advantage over the various Hellcat models due to the superior horsepower output. However, the GT500 has fairly abysmal torque numbers when compared to the Hellcat. Where the GT500 has around 625 ft/lbs torque, making for an over 100 units of measurement difference between horsepower and torque, the Hellcat has around 656 ft/lbs. This brings the two measurements closer to square with the Hellcat than the Mustang.

When the two pulled up to the starter line it was anyone's guess who would win. The fascinating thing about Dodge is not so much how much power they make but rather how they use it. After the two cars had completed a burnout, it was time to stage. Red, Yellow, Green, Go! The Hellcat jumped off the line with the force of 707 wild beasts with near-perfect reaction time. The GT500 lagged severely, it would take something special for it to catch up with Satan's kitty cat. Eventually, the GT500 caught up slightly but the Hellcat had sunk its teeth on its prey and wasn't going to let go.

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