Guy Makes A Hellcat Boat

Aug 30, 2023 1 min read
Guy Makes A Hellcat Boat

What a brilliant idea!

One of the most inspiring car YouTubers out there, WhistlinDiesel, has done it again. This time the virtuoso has taken his Dodge Challenger Hellcat, it looks like the same one he brilliantly put wagon wheels on back in the day, and converted the thing into a boat. It’s like a meta commentary on how big and heavy the Mopar is, which is just so clever and funny words can’t express our amusement.

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Really, Whistlin bolted the Hellcat onto the deck of a pontoon instead of fashioning the thing into a boat from scratch. But still, it’s a great idea and surely will be getting him many views on YouTube, which is really the whole point of these stunts.

To try out his creation, Mr. Diesel launched his Mopar boat into the Gulf of Mexico just like a pirate in the Caribbean. However, using the Hellcat to propel the pontoon forward didn’t go as planned when it flung the attached paddles high into the air. This is because Dodges are amazing muscle cars and honestly don’t make such great boats. But the video was still super entertaining to watch.

We have to note this isn’t the first time this top-notch YouTuber launched a car into a body of water. No, he didn’t commit insurance fraud or hide a body in a lake like some people. He instead drove his Chevy Silverado named Monstermax into the sea, a move which was so entertaining we can’t stop talking about it.

We just hope he takes and old Lincoln Towncar and turns that into a boat next, because that would just be so incredibly clever and ironic and hilarious we would laugh for days.

Anyway, check out the WhistlinDiesel video for yourself.

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