Grieving Widow Struggling With Monte Carlo Restoration

Sep 18, 2023 1 min read
Grieving Widow Struggling With Monte Carlo Restoration

This sort of thing seems to happen a lot…

A man died before realizing his longtime dream of restoring the 1978 Chevy Monte Carlo he owned for decades. Now his grieving widow is striving to make that a reality, but she’s frustrated with the lack of progress at the restoration shop. We see these types of situations a lot, with customers frustrated a job isn’t done and the shop asking for more money, but it’s still unfortunate to hear this woman’s tale.

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After a year, the woman and her family have been waiting for the restoration work to be completed. Instead, the Monte Carlo is sitting in a state of disassembly, as shown in a local news report by KPRC 2. The whole plan was to have the Chevy restored and then give the classic car to the children as a way to remember their father.

Instead, the widow believes little to no work has been performed on the vehicle since December. In the news report, it’s mentioned that the shop found rust on the car and disassembled it to ensure none was hiding anywhere. You can see in the video we’re including that the body and chassis are separated and the Monte Carlo is in quite the state of disassembly still.

It sounds like lawyers are now involved as the family says they just want the car back and the shop is saying it’s provided an itemized list of all work and materials used. Apparently, there’s a balance owed and that’s making things quite contentious.

We know everyone has their own experiences and opinions when it comes to hiring a shop to restore a car. In these types of situations it’s not uncommon for customers to become irate and for legal action to be taken.

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