Green Day’s Frontman's Chevy II Nova Recovered

Feb 10, 2022 2 min read
Green Day’s Frontman's Chevy II Nova Recovered

Here's the update.

Edit: Since originally posting this article, the frontman has shared that the car was recovered without damage.

Over the weekend, the singer for the 1990s sensation rock band, Green Day, had his 1962 Chevy Nova stolen. The Costa Mesa police said the 1962 Nova along with a guitar and amp, were stolen between Friday and Saturday morning. The musician is now seeking the help of the public to recover the car.

It seems like celebrities are having quite a few cars snatched lately, and one could say that they own more cars and they’re nicer, but in this case, the car sounded like bait. First of all, it was parked and unattended, which, in my part of the country, is not recommended. And then Joel sweetened the deal with a guitar, probably a very nice and expensive one, and an amplifier in the car. Billie, don’t leave valuables in your cars, man, you don’t want to be an American idiot!

That being said, it still sucks, car thieves are pond scum and this car probably isn’t going to end up in a loving home. It’s likely already in pieces, but the community is encouraged to keep an eye out for the car. It’s pretty distinct, not a lot of start white Chevy IIs are rolling around these days.

"This car is near and dear to all our hearts and has been in the GD family for over 30 years. Please send any sighting, tips or info to the Costa Mesa police," Armstrong tweeted with photos of the car.

Anyone with information was asked to contact Costa Mesa police Detective Joe Lopez at 714-754-4873.

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