GMC Sierra Has Its Wheels Liberated In Airport Parking

Dec 14, 2023 1 min read
GMC Sierra Has Its Wheels Liberated In Airport Parking

Bet you’ll think twice about using that shuttle service…

Ah, airport parking, one of the prime hunting grounds for car thieves. We’d love to say we’re surprised to see this GMC Sierra had its wheels stolen at George Bush International Airport in Houston, but we’re actually only surprised the thieves didn’t just take the whole truck. Usually they do that and then help themselves to the wheels, seats, bumpers, and whatever else they want to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Find out how a stolen car ended up on an airport runway here.

The theft, which was originally reported by KPRC out of Houston, is a bit of a mystery. Apparently at the time police had no idea who it belonged to, although that’s usually easy enough to figure out, so we don’t get how that could be.

In an act of kindness, the thieves brought along some cinderblocks to put the truck on and they even left behind the lug nuts. Some people seem to be wondering if perhaps this was a wheel repossession situation, which is a possibility but is also bizarre. It’s also possible a shop is just doing a long-term tire rotation service for the owner and knows he won’t be back anytime soon.

Airport parking is a great place for car thieves to strike. After all, the parking areas are vast and people aren’t coming to their cars for hours or days at a time. There’s 24-7 access to the parking area, so thieves can work at whatever time they feel most comfortable. They also like mall, university, hospital, and movie theater lots, but those just aren’t as sweet as the ones at airports.

In other words, the next time you’re catching a flight, it might be worth the expense to hire and Uber, have a friend drop you off, or use the shuttle service that comes to your house (are those still around?).

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