Crashed Foxbody Mustang Splits In Half

Jan 24, 2023 1 min read
Crashed Foxbody Mustang Splits In Half

We’ve seen this before…

Yet another Foxbody Mustang has split in half after crashing, this time in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. According to a local news report, the crash took place around 5:45 pm on January 10 on Route 13 at the intersection with Commerce Circle. Police say the Ford and a Chevy sedan collided, causing the Mustang to split open like a pinata.

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Thankfully, and by some miracle, the drivers of both cars weren’t seriously hurt. Video of the aftermath shows the front half of the Foxbody sitting in the road. The rear axle, with the wheels still attached, was thrown beyond the sidewalk on some grass easily over 100 feet away. The rest of the rear end of the Mustang appeared to be strewn along the ground, so it looks to have pretty much disintegrated.

A bystander told the local news outlet that the rear portion of the Foxbody Mustang originally ended up on top of a street sign and was on fire. We wish someone had video of that, because it sounds borderline unbelievable, but a search has turned up nothing. However, you’ll notice the grass around the rear axle does look charred in the video.

Everyone seems to revel in the stereotype that it’s “always a Mustang” when there’s some completely crazy, stupid crash involving a muscle car. Sadly, incidents like this only work to reinforce that line of thought. But what’s more interesting to us is the fact this Foxbody split in half, curiously in similar fashion to at least two other incidents we can immediately recall here and here.

Is this just a coincidence or is this a known weakness of Foxbodies? It really makes us wonder, but since none of us have ever owned one, we want to ask any enthusiasts who know these cars well to reach out and let us know if there is a known issue. After all, seeing any car split in half when it crashes is pretty crazy.


Images via YouTube

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