Ford Thunderbird Return Rumors Fire Up Again

May 18, 2022 2 min read
Ford Thunderbird Return Rumors Fire Up Again

Supposedly it will take on the Corvette…

It would seem Ford seeks to go back to the Thunderbird’s roots, at least in a way, bringing the nameplate back as a direct competitor to the Chevy Corvette. Rumors about the Thunderbird nameplate returning have been swirling around for some time, especially in January of 2021 when Ford filed the name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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But this time, a certain automotive news site claims unnamed sources “familiar with the matter” say Ford is really, truly considering maybe bringing the Thunderbird back eventually. Yeah, in other words this a complete rumor. But you have to understand, automakers often times will “leak” rumors to the press as a way to see how people respond. If you all start screaming like teenage girls at a rock concert because of this possibility, Ford might be obliged to give you exactly what you want.

A lot has changed since 1954 when the T-Bird first stormed onto the scene, including 11 generations with some far more regrettable than others. To compete against the Corvette, which is now a more exotic mid-engine sports car, Ford would need to make the Thunderbird something radically different from what it was back in the day, or even what it was last time it graced showroom floors.

And that’s where things could get interesting. We’ve theorized before that the Thunderbird would likely make its return as an electric car, or possibly an electric crossover. After all, the connection between the name and electricity is probably too much for Ford to resist, especially since the Blue Oval seems increasingly obsessed with electrifying all the things.

Considering the Thunderbird was never a hardcore sports car, but instead was a personal luxury vehicle, Ford would have to completely retool the concept to even make it a viable competitor to the Corvette. Then again, this rumor could just be something manufactured by some bored journalists wanting to get some sweet, sweet clicks, especially since the sources are shrouded in secrecy. We might never find out.

Photos via Ford

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