1924 Ford Model T Starts Up For First Time In Years

Jan 18, 2022 2 min read
1924 Ford Model T Starts Up For First Time In Years

They definitely don’t make them like this anymore…

It’s always amazing watching some guys get a classic car which has sat without having the engine cranked in years and years running again. They have to troubleshoot all kinds of problems which require a familiarity with the vehicle, its design, and common problems. In this case, YouTuber IowaClassicCars is working on a 1924 Ford Model T, the car which really got America moving, but is not much like cars we have today.

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Despite its quirks, the Ford Model T is one tough cookie. Not only were they quite reliable, they were true workhorses, traversed roads we would be up in arms about today, and have been passed down from generation to generation in amazing condition. In other words, Ford doesn’t make them like this anymore.

A legitimate question plenty of enthusiasts ask these days is how our modern cars will age over time. It’s a worthwhile thing to consider when you see videos like this one of a 1924 Ford Model T fired up after it has sat unused for years. Will our technologically-advanced rides age nearly as gracefully as this classic car? Or will all the plastic crumble and split apart, rendering many of the components unusable? While the engines aren’t made of composites, they do rely on computers to run, but will they operate correctly a century from now? The simplicity in design of a Model T seems to come with some definite advantages as well as the obvious drawbacks.

Obviously, since we’re a collector and classic car enthusiast site, we’re biased and believe old cars for the most part were made for greater durability. Sure, they might not have been horribly reliable, but thanks to modern innovations in manufacturing and design, you can get components which iron out many of those wrinkles. Will the same thing be true for our modern machines, or will they be destined for the scrap heap?

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