Ford GT Production Nears The End

Feb 18, 2022 2 min read
Ford GT Production Nears The End

It’s been fun but it couldn’t last…

If you’re a Ford fan, the GT supercar has been a big bragging point. Even some non-Ford fans have admired these technological wonders, which have showcased some of the best the Blue Oval has to offer. However, we knew from the beginning production would be limited. The end is drawing nigh as the 2022 model year is the last.

Drawing attention to this was the commemoration of car 1,000 rolling off the Ford GT assembly line. There will be only 1,350 produced when all is said and done, which is supposed to come in December. That means excitement will be building for the reveal of the final Ford GT, which no doubt will be something extra special.

Recently, Ford showed off its GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition, a tribute to Alan Mann Racing’s lightweight 1966 Ford GT experimental race cars. It wears a livery similar to the red and gold used by Alan Mann Racing. The supercar with its throwback look was on display during the 2022 Chicago Auto Show along with the 1966 Ford AM GT-1 prototype.

Of course, Ford has been making Heritage Edition series GT supercars since 2006, delighting enthusiasts while honoring its motorsports past. They make the vehicles even more collectable and set them apart in a model run which is already exceptionally rare and sought-after.

Not everyone has been a fan of Ford’s ultra-controlling management of who can own a GT straight from the factory. After all, to some consumers it feels wrong for an automaker to paw through a customer’s personal life and other information turned over in an application to judge if they’re worthy of paying a large fortune for a supercar. Despite those objections, Ford has had no difficulty finding willing buyers, so being a control freak might have its benefits after all.

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