Ford Bronco Made Of Snow Wows

Dec 25, 2022 2 min read
Ford Bronco Made Of Snow Wows

This guy has some serious sculpting talent…

There’s no doubt the new Ford Bronco is hot property these days, thanks to strong demand coupled with weak supply thanks in part to the chip shortage. However, this Bronco someone made out of snow is, well, ice cold. A talented snow sculpture artist named Eric Jones posted a photo of his handiwork to Facebook and it is definitely impressive.

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The sculpture, which is of a new 2-door Bronco, looks to have at least pretty good proportions. Sure, someone could sit there and nitpick every last detail but since we can make snowmen, snowballs, snow angels, and that’s about it, we’re just impressed with this guy’s ability to create any Ford product or really any car using the white stuff.

Jones left chunks of snow around the off-roader, making it look like it’s on a trail somewhere and not in the middle of a city. The presentation is pretty cool and surely got some people to stop and admire the temporary artwork.

It’s not just the chip shortage which has cut down the number of new Ford Broncos available to consumers. The hardtop supplier for the off-roader has reportedly had trouble keeping up with demand, thanks in part to the pandemic, because everything gets blamed on that these days. There’s a rumor that the hardtop supply issue has been fixed, so we’ll see if that means a tidal wave of new Broncos will be hitting roads and hopefully trails near you soon.

On his Facebook profile, Eric Jones says he’s a “NY caricature artist” as well as a “sculptor of snow, sand, wood, pumpkin.” The man has many other photos of his creations posted and they definitely are cool. But we really like his Bronco sculpture for obvious reasons.

Check out Jones’ post on Facebook here.

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