Floyd Mayweather Picks Up 911 Turbo S

Dec 16, 2022 2 min read
Floyd Mayweather Picks Up 911 Turbo S

This boxer knows style when he drives it…

Floyd Mayweathermay be one of the world’s most iconic boxers but there is one other boxer whose reputation seems to line up in terms of speed and power. That is the Porsche flat-six engine configuration that makes the new models some of the fastest cars on the planet. With this in mind, it makes sense that the athlete would want a Porsche of his own to compliment his love of performance. So what exactly did Mr. Mayweatherpick out?

It seems that the champ will be driving around in a mint condition 2022 Porsche 911 turbo S. A car world renowned for being incredibly nimble, especially when it comes to city driving. These vehicles are light and quick on their feet with looks that attract attention from miles away. It’s also quite powerful with 640 hp spinning the tires which ought to make driving on the back roads and in the more rule areas a lot of fun compared to your average grocery getter.

On top of that, the car reportedly has 0 to 60 time of about 2.4 seconds which is faster than many super cars built today. In recent years, companies have focused more on 0 to 60 time and acceleration rather than top speed or quarter-mile times because it’s easier to use that potential on the road and it comes in handy in certain situations. However, you shouldn’t sleep on those cars top speed capabilities as it goes a whopping 205 mph. If Floyd Mayweather is anything like how he would have us believe, a lot of fun is going to be had behind the wheel of this car. Overall, cars like this symbolize why sports cars in particular are so enjoyable and fantastic even for regular road driving applications and it’s cool to see somebody celebrating that aspect of car culture.

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