Florida Man Gets Stolen Lamborghini Gallardo Back

Dec 3, 2021 1 min read
Florida Man Gets Stolen Lamborghini Gallardo Back

Florida Man for the win!

The owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo lent his Italian supercar without consent to some individuals recently, likely thinking he would never see it again. While we see plenty of stolen cars loaded into shipping containers and moved across oceans or chopped up into small parts, that’s not always their fate. In this case, the Gallardo was tracked down to Texas where police were able to take the vehicle back without incident on November 29.

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During this Christmastime, it’s more important than ever to remember miracles do happen. In this case, the Lamborghini’s owner contacted the Chambers County Dispatch and asked for assistance in finding his ride. He must have had a reason to suspect the car was in the area, but that information hasn’t been released by the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office, probably because the investigation is ongoing.

From the official Facebook post it sounds like deputies found the Gallardo quickly. A car like that doesn’t exactly blend in. We’re guessing the two people who were cruising around in it weren’t exactly keeping it hidden away in an abandoned warehouse but were instead flaunting the exotic ride.

One would expect someone driving a stolen Lamborghini would try running from the cops. Thankfully that didn’t happen, especially since keeping up with such a supercar would prove difficult, even with radios. The Gallardo was on I-10 when it was pulled over, so there was plenty of open road to test out the claimed 202 mph top speed.

When the car was located, Chambers County Sheriff’s Office said a driver and passenger were detained but not arrested. There hasn’t been an update since, so we assume the investigation is ongoing and no charges will be filed until the investigation’s conclusion. Likely one of the focuses is whether or not the driver and passenger were involved in the original theft or if they knew they were driving a stolen car.

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