Florida Man Lifts Jeep To Save Baby

Jul 11, 2022 1 min read
Florida Man Lifts Jeep To Save Baby

Not all heroes wear capes…

A man in Flagler County, Florida is being hailed as a hero after he lifted an overturned Jeep, saving a baby trapped underneath. It’s the kind of nightmare scenario every parent dreads to think about, so it’s wonderful to hear a good Samaritan jumped into action when help was desperately needed.

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We don’t know what led to the Jeep Wrangler flipping over on State Road 100 and John Anderson Blvd. but we do know lifted rigs have a higher center of gravity, so you have to be careful when maneuvering them. Photos of the crash scene don’t show any other damaged vehicles, just the Jeep on its roof/rollbars.

The amazing part is Wisguere Dormevil and others stopped to see what they could do. When he heard someone yell that there was a baby underneath the overturned Jeep, he flew into action. Lifting the Jeep, he exposed the toddler and car seat, allowing others to pull him out to safety. This is the type of thing everyone should do when they see a horrific accident and first responders haven’t yet arrived on the scene.

According to Flagler Beach Fire Department, the toddler and three adults were transported to the hospital. A news report indicates the child is still recovering but made no mention of the condition of the adults.

This serves as just another reminder that you need to drive carefully and aware, especially in the summer months when people are out trying to just have fun. If you have an off-road vehicle, take turns more slowly than you would in a car, avoid jerking on the steering wheel in a panic situation, and give the vehicle plenty of space in case you need to make an emergency stop.

Source: Fox 35 Orlando

Photo via Flagler Beach Fire Department

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