Ferrari F40 Stretches Legs From Marconi Museum

Oct 11, 2022 2 min read
Ferrari F40 Stretches Legs From Marconi Museum

A true race car kept in the great condition it deserves.

You might remember a 60 million-dollar car collection known as the Marconi collection which features some of the coolest muscle cars ever made in America. Talked about by thousands of enthusiasts across the Nation, the features presented by Autotopia LA, truly are something to be in awe of. However, as we already knew, these are not the only types of cars featured in this massive gathering of automobiles. Recently, Sean got the chance to sit down and talk with the guy about some of his more exotic vehicles, primarily consisting of Ferraris. While there are many cars of this nature in the Marconi collection, the one that caught our eyes, along with many enthusiasts, was the Ferrari F40.

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Known as one of the most raw and engaging automobiles ever built by the Italian automake, the F40 was a true race car right down to its DNA. speed was the name of the game when this car was built and even today well-kept examples can go toe-to-toe with modern race cars. However they are extremely rare which makes seeing one something that only a few ever get to experience their entire lives. Luckily the Marconi collection has a blisteringly cool example ready to show off to Sean from Autotopia LA and even gave him a ride while they're at it.

As the pair drives around, John Marconi describes some of the best attributes of the car in great detail. One of which is the wastegate, behind the passenger, and the seemingly instantaneous boost which kicks in hard and really makes you feel the rawness of the car. If you look through the comment section of that video you'll notice overwhelming support in favor of John as he seems to be a very knowledgeable enthusiast despite also being quite humble when talking about his beloved racing car. Even going so far as to ask permission from one of the cops while filming the car accelerating, you really get the feeling that this is the kind of person the F40 was made for. Someone who appreciates cars for what they are but doesn't let it go to his head. This is one of the best cars featured within the Marconi Auto collection and might even be the centerpiece depending on how you look at it. Either way it's good to know that such an incredible piece of Automotive History is being taken care of by a family that truly loves and appreciates every bit of engineering that went into making them iconic.

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