$60 Million Marconi Collection

Oct 5, 2022 2 min read
$60 Million Marconi Collection

The main attraction of this collection is the good ‘ole American muscle cars…

Marconi is the name widely recognized in the automotive community for the family's incredible dedication to enthusiast culture. Featuring one of the world's coolest and most expensive car collections, this tribe of car people have reached what some might call the pinnacle of automotive achievement. That’s because their collection adds up to a whopping $60 million in value, or at least somewhere around that number. While they have many different types of vehicles, the ones we are concerned with are the motorcars of the group. Of course there is no shortage of those and recently Autotopia LA got the chance to see some of them for themselves.

Starting off the incredible lineup is a beautiful Mustang notchback which, though it doesn’t feature the highly sought after fastback styling, still reflects an air of performance and style unlike any other. This vehicle was owned by a military man, originally bought as a straight baseline model, before eventually receiving a $168,000 restoration courtesy of that same driver when he got a hold of a company of his own. Nowadays this car sits next to a beautiful blue Thunderbird and a bright orange Mustang fastback, completing the Ford trilogy of muscle cars. Much like the notch bag, this fastback also boasts a 302 cubic inch V8, something that classic Mustang fans should know of quite well.

The centerpiece of this incredible collection is the beautiful Hemi-powered Plymouth ‘Cuda which the current owner and his son built together. A loving tale of the relationship between father and son, this car represents everything that is cool and attractive about muscle cars. After browsing around the collection for a little while and hearing some incredible stories about these cars, Sean actually got to sit in the passenger seat of that very ‘Cuda and feel the full force of Mopar’s most iconic engine in one of the American automotive markets' most valuable muscle cars. Overall you can pretty much tell why this collection is valued at around $60 million and we hope to see even more of it as some of the family's cars have been donated to museums across the country.

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