A dagger in our hearts!

On January 18 in the Dutch city of Baarn (which is near Amsterdam), a Ferrari Enzo was tragically crashed, the results turning the stomachs of many enthusiasts. Considering this is a dream car for throngs of the Ferrari faithful, to see one so abused was almost too much to bear, like a dagger straight through the heart.

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Per a report from German automotive site Autobild, a mechanic might have been the one behind the wheel when the Enzo was crashed. With a howling 6.0-liter V12 engine producing 660-horsepower, the supercar is more than any unskilled driver could handle, especially since it doesn’t come with all the driver’s aids so many have come to depend on in more modern vehicles.

Witnesses say the roads were wet at the time and that the driver seemed to suddenly lose control, the supercar careening into a tree. The damage is at least contained just to the passenger side of the Ferrari, so it could’ve been worse, but it’s still gut-wrenching to see. Thankfully, Instagram user and professional photographer Jeffrey de Ruiter was at the scene of the accident, so we have many beautiful images of the damage.

As you can see, both passenger-side wheels were torn off the Enzo, which sustained serious damage to the body, especially the quarter panels. However, a shot of the driver’s side of the car after it was loaded onto a wrecker makes the Ferrari look almost completely undamaged. Considering how rare these are, repairing the damage to the passenger side is going to be pricey.

The Enzo wasn’t just another Ferrari. Named after the founder of the company, it followed other Formula One-inspired supercars like the F40 and F50, bringing howling motorsports innovations to the street. With a production run limited to just 400 units, each one is a cherished collector’s item many would pay dearly to own, literally.

Source: Autobild

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