Remembering The Ferrari 365 GTC/4

May 15, 2022 2 min read
Remembering The Ferrari 365 GTC/4

It might be worth hunting one of these down.

Overshadowed by the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, many enthusiasts and collectors overlook the Ferrari 365 GTC/4. That was due in part to the V12 engine in the GTB/4 packing a little more of a punch, coupled with a lower redline. It also doesn’t help that these rides were rare with only about 500 emerging out of Maranello during the two-year production run.

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Picking up where the 365 GT 2+2 left off, this ride continued to provide those who wanted a Ferrari with backseat. Admittedly, those rear seats were small, but that was necessary to keep the car’s dimensions from exceeding those of a typical two-seater, which would have compromised performance. Some were immediately turned off by the 2+2 configuration, in part because the rear quarters were far more cramped than in the 365 GT 2+2.

Revealed at the 1971 Geneva Show, the 365 GTC/4 also replaced the gap in the brand’s lineup with the retirement of the 365 GTC, which Ferrari shelved in 1970. With more conservative styling, it was overshadowed by the more brash 365 GTB/4, another reason why it wasn’t the focus of more attention in its time and is still forgotten today.

While the backseat on the 365 GTC/4 wasn’t very practical for anyone other than small children, there was another advantage. The seatbacks can fold down, expanding the cargo area to rather generous proportions.

Some enthusiasts eagerly seek out cars which have the standard plaid upholstery in the seat centers and door trim, rather than the optional full leather. Available only on this model, they add some interesting character many find charming.

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