Drag Racing Boat Set 272.9 MPH Record

Jan 16, 2023 1 min read
Drag Racing Boat Set 272.9 MPH Record

In just three seconds, this boat broke a world record.

Usually, when we’re talking about boats in drag racing, you might be thinking about a Charger or Challenger. All jokes aside, the majority of the time when people think about a straight line speed they mostly imagine cars. However, there is another type of drag racing which is even crazier, and it uses quite a lot of the same tactics to achieve high speeds. That is nautical drag racing. You might not have ever seen a racing boat before but when you see what these ships are capable of you might just become a fan.

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First of all, you have to understand that traction, unlike in regular drag racing, is not a super huge issue when you’re talking about racing boats in a straight line. Controlling the boat when turning is a different thing all together but when it comes to drag racing these massive machines it’s all about power, Hydro dynamics, and aerodynamics. This particular aquatic vehicle certainly doesn’t skimp on any of those traits as it’s massive engine cranks out 10,000 hp.

On top of that, the body is perfectly designed to glide through the air just on top of the water in making acceleration extremely smooth. As the throttle opens, a violent ripping of power shoots through the mechanical parts of the water vehicle blasting the boat from a standstill it’s a 272.9  mph in the matter of just 3.4 seconds. In case you haven’t already done any research on racing boats, that is a new world record for the fastest pass ever done in a drag racing boat at 1000 feet. Ladies and gentlemen, That was a very intense and awesome piece of nautical engineering history and will likely go down in the books as was one of the most impressive feats accomplished by a racing boat. With that in mind, God only knows what kind of performance someone’s going to need to be at that time.

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