Relive the '80s with Domino's Retro Pizza Cruiser

Oct 20, 2023 2 min read
Relive the '80s with Domino's Retro Pizza Cruiser

It's heading to auction.

Pop those collars and turn up the synthesizer, because the 1980s are making a comeback, and it's not in the form of shoulder pads or neon colors. A 1985 Domino's Pizza delivery car, designed more like a spaceship from a cult sci-fi movie than your everyday pizza delivery vehicle, is going under the hammer in Las Vegas on November 10th.

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Tom Monaghan, the mind behind the iconic Domino's brand, commissioned a fleet of these futurist Tritan A2 cars, outfitting them with their own pizza-warming ovens. Just imagine cruising the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan (Domino's home turf), in this avant-garde mobile while carrying piping hot pepperoni pizzas in tow.

Of the original ten, only a handful remain today. Chuck Sinnott, the current steward of this relic, divulged that while it's an instant crowd magnet, its usability as a daily driver might be somewhat... limited. It's admittedly terrible to drive, has poor visibility, and let's not forget about its vulnerability to potholes, given its proximity to the ground. Despite these quirks, or maybe because of them, the Tritan A2 has been a consistent show-stealer at local car exhibitions.

The vehicle's futuristic design, credited to the father-son duo James and Douglas Amick, features an iconic arch-shaped rear wing intended to capture crosswinds, theoretically aiding in propulsion. However, this Domino's variant, despite its ambitious design, may not quite harness the wind as much as its designers had hoped.

What it lacks in wind propulsion, it makes up for in other oddities. This tri-wheeled, fiberglass-bodied vehicle is technically a motorcycle. Its interior layout? One passenger behind the other. Traditional doors? Nope. It features a canopy sliding forward, making entries and exits feel like scenes from a retro-future movie.

Beyond its quirks, it's remarkably efficient. Boasting a whopping 80 miles per gallon from its petite engine, it's an eco-lover's dream, provided they're into retro designs. Sinnott acquired this slice of the '80s in 2021, parting with $25,000 and a unique Plymouth Volaré wagon replica, reminiscent of the "Fantasy Island" TV series.

As for the upcoming auction, the value remains to be seen. Still, a comparable Tritan A2 was auctioned for $44,800 in 2019. Domino's, perhaps too busy perfecting their next pizza, hasn't chimed in on the matter.

So, if you're looking to make a statement at your next pizza party, or just miss the unabashed boldness of the '80s, this could be your slice of automotive history. Just remember to carry your mixtape and shades for the full experience!

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