Domino’s Electrifies Its Pizza Delivery Cars

Dec 19, 2022 2 min read
Domino’s Electrifies Its Pizza Delivery Cars

If it’s good enough for Domino’s, is it good enough for you?

Domino’s Pizza is pushing for a “greener” appearance by pledging to buy over 800 Chevy Bolt EVs to use for deliveries. That might not sound like much, but Chevy and Domino’s have teamed up in the past, so this arrangement might grow over time.

Check out what was left of a Tesla Model S that caught on fire here.

The first wave of 100 Chevy Bolts were supposed to arrive at select Domino’s locations by the end of November. As for the other 700 or so, they’ll be delivered “in the coming months” according to the company’s press release. Also, there will be Domino’s-themed EV chargers at the stores but customers won’t be able to charge their Tesla while picking up a pie. Sorry.

There are over 6,000 Domino’s locations in the United States so obviously only a select few will get one of the 800-plus Chevy Bolt delivery cars. If we had to guess, we’d say franchises in areas where EVs are popular will be the most likely target destinations. After all, someone who has a $100,000-plus Tesla charging in the garage will get the warm fuzzies that the pizza delivery guy shows up in a $31,000 electric hatchback.

As part of the collaboration with Chevrolet, Domino’s is holding a contest to win one of two Bolt EVs. Customers enter by either ordering pizza online by February 12, 2023 or using the #DominosDeliversAChevy and #contest tags on TikTok or Instagram Reels, although thankfully that far more embarrassing social media option ended on December 4, so you an just make an online order.

Most have forgotten how Domino’s and Chevrolet teamed up to create DXP or Delivery Expert vehicles using the Spark hatchback back in 2015. Chosen for its fuel-efficient nature, among other things, the compact car was modified so it could hold 80 pizzas in the back. We don’t see or hear anything about these things anymore but suppose back in the day they came in handy for really big parties. It’s possible the Bolt delivery cars could also quietly go away over the next 8 years as everyone forgets about them, focusing instead on the next trend.

Photos via Domino’s Pizza, Chevrolet

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