Dodge Charger Stolen From Driveway In Broad Daylight

Jun 20, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Charger Stolen From Driveway In Broad Daylight

Something about this story just doesn’t add up…

While we’ve seen surveillance video footage of Dodges and other cars stolen in broad daylight before, this one of a Charger Scat Pack swiped in Fraser is definitely curious. While the Detroit area is certainly no stranger to organized gangs boosting Mopars, it’s usually not so incredibly obvious and reckless.

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As you can see in the video footage, the white Scat Pack is sitting in a driveway, blocked in by a Jeep and a work van. The thieves showed up on the morning of June 17, apparently when the people were home (with three vehicles in the driveway) and got the Dodge started.

To get the big muscle car out of the driveway, they decide to reverse over the front lawn, only they’re too close to the Jeep. Resulting contact between the two Mopars rips off the Charger’s bumper on the passenger side, leaving it hanging like a loose band-aid. The person reverses over the lawn just as a car drives down the road. We get people do weird things, but how could witnesses not think this was suspicious?

An even bigger question is how nobody inside the house heard the theft? After all, a Scat Pack isn’t exactly a quiet car, plus it sounds like it might’ve crashed into trash cans or a garage door when it first pulls forward, before hitting the Jeep and making even more noise as the bumper gets mangled. Yet in the video you don’t see anyone run outside, you don’t hear any shouting, as if everyone in the house is passed out.

Something about this whole situation just doesn’t add up. You can come up with your own theories about why. And so we see the car theft situation in the Detroit area keeps spinning out of control.

Source: metrodetroitnews

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