Disheveled Ford Galaxie 500 Rips Intense Burnout After 30 Years Of Sitting

Dec 1, 2021 2 min read
Disheveled Ford Galaxie 500 Rips Intense Burnout After 30 Years Of Sitting

This is the story of how a father and his son were able to completely transform this seemingly dead classic Ford.

Ford was at a peak in 1964; the Ford Mustang's recent announcement and many other technological and design-oriented advancements made this a fantastic year for the Ford Motor Company. While some of their less popular models are easy to overlook, such as the Galaxie and Thunderbird, these excellent automobiles still have much to offer when restored to their original glory. This was the ultimate case with this man and his passion for classic Fords and classic cars in general. Taking it upon himself to bring one of the most fantastic cars ever produced by the famous American car brand back to life with his son, this touching story is a tear-jerking tale of a car that should never be underestimated.

Check out this monster of a Galaxie here.

In the beginning, rebuilding this beautiful 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 was a pretty lengthy and painful process. Hardware for these classic cars can be rather tricky to find sometimes, and that was the same problem that the builder ran into with the brakes. However, after hours of searching and doing what he could to salvage some of the original parts, he finally completed his mission on the front brakes. As you probably know as a car enthusiast, the brakes are the least important part of your car, especially if you have a lot of power. But, of course, this guy has plenty of burnouts ahead, so he decided not to bother with the rear brakes if there are any rear brakes.

It took hours to get the car back to safe and partially drivable conditions, but he and his son were finally able to resurrect the old beast. Finally, the time came to mess around in the engine bay. This was a challenge given that the car had been sitting untouched for over 30 years. However, that glorious 390 ci V8 eventually started up and began purring, just like the old days. After a slow rollout of the garage, the guys finally started up the car and began to drive it around a bit. Eventually, this rewarding drive turned into a wicked burnout that rivaled even the smokiest of modern tire spinning vehicles. This wild ride fought the builder every step of the way but was finally restored to its extraordinary original state in the end.

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