Disaster Barnyard Find Plymouth Gets Cleaned Up After 70 Years

Sep 29, 2022 2 min read
Disaster Barnyard Find Plymouth Gets Cleaned Up After 70 Years

Check out this first wash…

When regarding the 1940s most current enthusiasts might be tempted to think of brands on the GM spectrum such as Cadillac. Who could really blame them? In fact  brands like that one have been responsible for some of the most attractive vehicles in American automotive production history. However, there was another brand who made some pretty insane innovations at the time, also keeping their grasp on some of the companies we now regard as the greatest of their era. One such manufacturer was Chrysler, who, as you might know, claimed the Plymouth name as a company under their supervision.

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To give you an example of what Plymouth was up to in the 1940s, here’s a car that shows off its age and early automotive technology very well even after decades of sitting. Why the car was abandoned is some thing that nobody’s really sure about, how could you really be sure about things like that? But what we do know is that the car is in dire need of a wash and that’s exactly what it got as documented in one YouTube video by a dedicated detailer doing his part to restore these nearly forgotten vintage automotive legends. Probably the craziest part of the whole situation is that, unlike some other vehicles that might have only spent two or three decades hiding in the garage, This Plymouth has been abandoned for nearly 70 years.

Most car people probably wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that when they take a look at how the exterior condition has held up over the years. To call this vehicle a mummy preserved by little more than the dust around it would be a bit of an understatement. However it is the sentiment of car people everywhere that it’s never too late to restore an old idol back to its former glory. When all was said and done the centerpiece of this incredible 1940s Special Deluxe had to have been the wheels which honestly look almost new after having gone through such a deep clean. The body was a different story but you can only detail out so much rust and grime without it showing. Either way once the car is up and running it’ll be a great new piece for any automotive collector with a passion for old Mopar or somebody looking to build a racer for the hot rod dragstrip classes. Until then it’s a mystery as to what the car's new take on life will evolve into. So the question now is: do you see potential in this car now that it started its journey down the path of restoration?

Motorious would like to thank FindingOldCars.com for providing a content on vehicles left in fields, barns, wrecking yards, swamps, and backyards are a homage to days gone by. In some cases there is value to the wreckage left in the boneyard for restoration and then in other cases it's simply the artistic value of the photography. Finding Old Cars is on a mission to give these cars a place in the modern world.

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