1933 Ford Roadster Headlines Maple Brothers Dallas Sale

Sep 29, 2022 2 min read
1933 Ford Roadster Headlines Maple Brothers Dallas Sale

This incredible car is the essence of high performance and dedicated building.

1933 was an interesting time for Ford, mostly because of the creation of one of their most iconic vehicles to ever hit the American performance market. That automobile was the 1933 Ford Roadster which today is regarded as one of the most unique and expressive hot rods everbilt. Combining high-horsepower, a sleek design, and a lightweight frame, these vehicles were capable of some truly incredible things on the track with a little bit of modification here and there. For any doubters of the car's ability to put a smile on your face, here's a great Roadster that perfectly embodies all of the legends that surround the car today.

One thing that always made the Roadster legendary in the automotive enthusiast community was the legendary powertrain availability. For instance, this particular Roadster comes with a 350 cubic inch Ram Jet crate motor which fits perfectly within the large engine bay of this classic sports car. Ford knew exactly what they were doing when they made this car as it was essentially perfect for car people at the time who wanted to work on their vehicle and make it better. Of course this is only made better by the Turbo 700 automatic transmission which makes everything from racing to easy driving a breeze with quick gear shifting and consistent RPMs.

Some parts of this car were even upgraded to fit a more modern time such as the electronic dash by Dakota Digital. Many performance-based enthusiasts enjoy the customization options and information given by these programmable screens as they often come with a lot more features than factory options. Finally, handling will never be an issue with the rack and pinion steering system which makes turning a very accurate process. All of this is backed up by a set of Baer six-piston brakes which have proven themselves more than capable of bringing the car to a halt when necessary, especially in high performance situations. To put it simply, this is a muscle car disguised as a classic Hot Rod and now that it's on the market where you might be able to get behind the wheel. The only question now is: are you ready?

Maple Brothers Auctions invites you to register to bid and consign your vehicle(s) for our Dallas auction, being held November, 18th-19th in Dallas Market Hall. Over 400 vehicles ranging from sports and muscle car, customs, hot rods, pickup and more are expected to cross the auction block. Many will be sold at NO RESERVE. To get more information visit https://www.maplebrothersauction.com

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