Detroit Car Guy Reunited With Stolen Corvette After 33 Years

Apr 18, 2022 2 min read
Detroit Car Guy Reunited With Stolen Corvette After 33 Years

This man finally got his car back after three decades of wondering who took his car.

Imagine going your entire life longing for the vehicle of your dreams only to have it taken from you in a violent robbery that leaves the car nowhere to be found. That's precisely the pain that Detroit automotive enthusiast felt in 1981 when he saw his prized third-generation Corvette for the last time. At least, he thought it would be his last time laying eyes on the car until he got a call from AAA revealing the location of the old road racer. Then, finally, it was time to bring his vivacious vehicle back home after three decades of searching. But how did it take the authorities this long to find his missing sports cars?

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The answer to that is one that anyone who has ever had their car stolen should empathize with dearly. When the vehicle was initially stolen, the owner filed a police report in hopes of tracking down his white and black Corvette. But, in true bureaucrat fashion, the cops were unsuccessful in looking for the car; instead, they kept the information on hand in case it came up later. Frequently, the police have a hard time finding stolen vehicles. In many cases, the police force won't bother looking as the likelihood of the car being scrapped or parted out is relatively high. Luckily, even the thieves understood that the Corvette was just too good to kill, so it got to keep driving while it was away.

Eventually, the vehicle ended up in Mississippi, where it stayed until a VIN discrepancy caused suspicion within the local registration service. After running proper VIN through the system, the Corvette was found to have been stolen, which was great news for the rightful owner. Nowadays, the only thing stopping him from taking his Corvette home is figuring out whether he wants to have it shipped to Detroit or simply pick the car up himself and drive home. Apparently, the car is still in good running condition with only 47,000 miles, so it shouldn't be too difficult to make the journey for his beloved classic automobile.

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