Criminal Leads Police On High Speed Chase In Stolen BMW

Mar 4, 2024 1 min read
Criminal Leads Police On High Speed Chase In Stolen BMW

It’s said the police were able to track a transponder in the car…

A man from Manchester, NH is in big trouble after not only stealing a BMW, but leading the police on a high speed police chase, before being caught. Police say they were able to track the vehicle, thanks to a device inside. Now the criminal is stuck in jail, and facing some serious prison time ahead.

Justin Dutton, 40, of Merrimack, NH, led the police on a 120 MPH chase in the stolen BMW.

"The highest clocked speed the trooper reports was he himself doing 126 mph on the highway as they were coming through Merrimack County," said Merrimack County Deputy Attorney Wayne Coull.

The police were able to track the BMW via a transponder device in the vehicle, and the state police helicopter was able to follow the BMW.

"The defendant was weaving in between vehicles, causing an extremely dangerous situation," Coull said.

After the police chase with the helicopter involved, the chase ended Valley Street in Manchester, which appears to be a very small road in a densely populated area.

Before putting everyone on the road at serious risk with his driving antics, he stole the BMW on Saturday evening in Bethlehem. He has been ordered to remain in jail, and faces charges in both Hillsborough and Merrimack counties. The Merrimack Superior Court prosecutors are not happy with the reckless conduct, and are deciding which charges to file on Dutton.

Source: WMUR9

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