Connecticut Man's Dodge Charger Stolen Over Facebook Marketplace Sale

Mar 16, 2022 2 min read
Connecticut Man's Dodge Charger Stolen Over Facebook Marketplace Sale

Criminals definitely are feeling bold these days…

Selling yourself to strangers online comes with some inherent risks, which is why many cities have special parking spots in front of police stations to do transactions in person. That might have helped a man in Bristol, Connecticut who reportedly was robbed at gunpoint and his 2019 Dodge Charger was taken.

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According to a local report, the 21-year-old man originally advertised the Mopar for sale on Facebook Marketplace. He likely was happy when someone was so interested in it, they arranged a meetup for a test drive. However, that test drive turned into armed robbery.

Two men showed up for the test drive. The owner of the Charger wanted to ride along for the test drive, probably to prevent the guys from just taking off with the car. He climbed into the front passenger seat and the other guy was in the backseat. Partway through the test drive the man in the back pulled out a gun and told the owner to hand the key fob over to the driver.

Thankfully, the Dodge owner was able to get out of the car, because had he not this might have been more than just a robbery investigation. He also was uninjured but understandably was shook up. Considering what he’d been through that’s completely understandable. Likely he realized after he easily could have been kidnapped and/or killed.

Police say there was a third man involved in this robbery. He dropped off the other two for the transaction using a dark-colored Infiniti. We wish we had info about the model or at least if it was a sedan, coupe, or SUV.

When selling a car online, it’s best to be a little paranoid, especially since car thefts are rampant these days. Before meeting, do some research on your buyer and see if you can determine if they have a known criminal past. Also, ask plenty of questions about why they’re interested in the car, as well as the status of their driver’s license and car insurance coverage. If they’re evasive at all or give strange answers, that can be a sign something is off.

Meeting in a public spot, like at a police station where there’s video surveillance is ideal. Known criminals are more likely to be skittish about going to such a place. It’s best to have someone else with you, if possible. Ask to see the buyer’s driver’s license and a copy of their insurance card before you let them drive your car. While it is best to go along for the test drive, sit in the backseat for obvious reasons. Also, designate the test route before you leave and make sure it sticks to highly populated areas. If the driver deviates from the path, demand they go back to it. Don’t hesitate to call 911 if you suspect the person is attempting to rob or kidnap you.

Source: Fox 61

Photo via Facebook

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