Connecticut Car Thief Gets 30 Months In Prison

May 4, 2022 2 min read
Connecticut Car Thief Gets 30 Months In Prison

Do you think this is enough considering what he did?

Right now, car theft rings are terrorizing law-abiding citizens in cities across the United States, not to mention other countries. Too many people know all too well that pit in their stomach upon walking out of their house, a store, etc. to find their vehicle gone. While some of those involved have spent precious few days in jail, a case out of Connecticut involves one man serving 30 months in prison.

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Edwin Cordero, 21, of Stratford was working in a car theft ring when he and Christopher Mulkern stole a Porsche Panamera in Westport back on December 1, 2020. His theft ring liked to target upscale neighborhoods, checking door handles to see if anyone foolishly left their doors unlocked, or worse left the key sitting in a cupholder. That might sound ridiculous, but a surprising number of people do this.

Just after midnight on December 2, police in Rhode Island identified the Porsche as stolen and tried to pull it over. Instead, whoever was at the wheel used the superior performance of the Panamera to ditch the cops.

Around four hours later, Cordero, Mulkern, and others rolled up in the stolen Porsche to a Dodge Challenger sitting outside a house in Milford, stealing that as well. Then on the night of December 2, police in Stratford spotted the stolen Panamera, giving chase. This time, it was Mulkern driving, only he didn’t do such a good job as a wheelman.

During the pursuit, Mulkern hit a car stopped at a red light, veered onto the sidewalk, blasted through the red light, hit a second vehicle, then flipped the second car onto its roof. Even though it was damaged, the man kept driving the Porsche, getting on I-95 until Bridgeport. However, police there were ready for the pair, catching both as they tried to hop into a stolen Audi A4 parked on a side street.

When police searched the Audi, they found about 13 key fobs for a variety of other cars. In the Porsche were five cell phones. What’s more, Cordero had on his person the fob for the stolen Dodge Challenger. The guy should’ve just put a bow on all that evidence, it was a nice gift for prosecutors.

With all that evidence, Cordero pleaded guilty to one count of transportation of a stolen vehicle back on September 8, 2021. Mulkern pleaded guilty to the same thing back on January 3 of this year, earning himself 48 months in prison.

Cordero and Mulkern are to pay $75,198.45 in restitution to at least 7 people whose cars they stole and/or damaged. But is that really enough? Considering all the mayhem these guys spread around, combined with all that physical evidence, do you think prosecutors were too easy on them? Would throwing the book at them and anyone else who steals cars as well as runs from the cops put a stop to this crime wave? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Fox 61

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