Classic Car Hunt Uncovers Two Icons

Nov 14, 2022 1 min read
Classic Car Hunt Uncovers Two Icons

Who wins, Cougar or Firebird?

Old school Firebirds are probably the coolest classic cars that you can find on the American automotive market. A combination of great performance and unforgettable looks made the car a legend to car people everywhere. However, even the best cars of the 1960s are subject to the aging process of all cars. This particular example has somehow been kept in pretty good condition despite having only been built while the Firebird was in its first generation.

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Found in a field, this black Firebird is a relic of its time, even looking almost as good as new. Everything about the car, right down to the shine in its paint looked perfect and, after some quick consideration it was time to see what kind of company it keeps. Along with the Firebird a very handsome looking Mercury Cougar can also be seen. This car would have been the pinnacle of Ford/Mercury luxury performance cars in its time.

Essentially, the Cougar was designed as a luxury version of Ford’s incredibly popular Mustang. While it may be the second car in the collection we’re covering, it certainly never falls short of expectations. Overall, the entire yard is a pretty interesting collection of various automotive art pieces, with the Firebird and Cougar being particularly outstanding. There is a lot of story and mystique surrounding every car whose fate is seemingly up to the whims of collectors and these two show that perfectly.

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