Classic Car Graveyard Is 1000 Vehicles Deep

Mar 12, 2022 1 min read
Classic Car Graveyard Is 1000 Vehicles Deep

This insane collection of classic cars boasts an insane number of vintage muscle cars!

Classic car collectors have become very verbal about their vast vehicular exploits in recent years because of the rise in social media and the ability to show off the best of the automotive world. This has led to the discovery of some of the most incredible vintage vehicles ever to see the sales floor, and it would appear that a new automotive adventure is made every day. Of course, some of these finds have been pretty crazy, with cars ranging from the early 1900s and even some insane supercars from the modern world. However, very few collections can brag about their quantity as much as this glorious location can with over 1000 vehicles from virtually every year in American automotive history.

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Some of the most fantastic cars on the list of extraordinary automobiles in the collection include the various Chevrolet Impalas, a couple of classic Firebirds consisting of the first and second generation, and a Ford Thunderbird, which has been called by the videographer the “Thunderchicken.” Unfortunately, it would appear that incredibly famous vehicles have been put through the wringer quite a few times as they are all covered in decades of dust and dirt which has been caked on in the hot summer sun and then locked onto the body by the frigid cold of winter.

This is generally the case for these vintage vehicles, as they have all been sitting in an open field for an unknown amount of time. These cars are currently for sale except for one Firebird with a houndstooth interior. It appears that this vehicle was made in the 1979-1980 production era, an exciting transition between generations. This Pontiac is not alone because it would appear that the brand is one of the most popular demographics in the collection. This vast collection is a massive stockpile of some of America’s most excellent classic cars within the confines of a truly gigantic piece of land.

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