Classic Camaros, Cuda Damaged In Dealership Burglary

Nov 8, 2022 2 min read
Classic Camaros, Cuda Damaged In Dealership Burglary

Maybe just turn him over to a car club for a beating?

One of the most disturbing crime trends we’ve seen has been criminals targeting car dealerships at night. While it’s bad enough when a regular dealer gets cleaned out by a crew of thieves, it’s even worse when someone hits a classic car dealer. To do one more than that, police say 28-year-old Nathan Ryan Wasson crashed a stolen utility truck through the storefront of a classic car dealership in Pleasant View, Tennessee in the wee morning hours of November 2.

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Not content just to have crashed into a classic Plymouth ‘Cuda, Camaro, and other collectable cars, Wasson decided to go for the keys and get a better ride than the Kentucky utility truck. He finally chose a convertible Camaro, which he rammed through the front doors and damaged. Instead of taking that Camaro, he selected a second one and fled the scene with police hot on his tail.

Unfortunately, officers lost track of the classic Camaro. Later, a man in a neighboring county called police to say he detained Wasson in his home. It appears Wasson wasn’t done committing crimes for whatever reason, so thankfully that unnamed man put a stop to the spree.

The dealership owner told a local reporter he’s probably out about $40,000 to fix the three Camaros and ‘Cuda. On top of that, to fix the storefront, which includes the doors, he’s looking at another $30,000.  He also remarked that the unsophisticated robbery didn’t seem to have been planned out but instead that Wasson likely just saw an opportunity in the moment.

We have to say, the dealership owner’s resilience in the face of such a senseless act is admirable. We hope he’s able to get compensation for his expenses.

Source: WKRN

Images via YouTube

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