Chicago Thieves Take Teen Cancer Victim’s Truck

Apr 7, 2022 2 min read
Chicago Thieves Take Teen Cancer Victim’s Truck

People really suck sometimes!

Cancer sucks and it’s especially bad when kids get it. Jacob Watson, who is now 18, won his fight against bone cancer last year, so Make A Wish decided to do something extra nice for him. The charitable organization restored the 2002 Ford F-250 gifted to him by his late grandfather. It was a sentimental gesture for a teenager who had been through a lot in his short life. Then, last week, some thieves took it all.

Police are looking for the rightful owner of a Chevy Impala here.

According to a local report, Watson was at the Wintrust Sports Complex in Bedford Park, Illinois on April 2 when the truck was taken. He was inside for about two hours, but that was more than enough time for the thieves to swipe it.

"I kept it nice over winter, and I hadn't had it out for not even a week, and this happened," said Watson.

Witnesses describe seeing a gray Honda Odyssey with “completely tinted windows” by the truck. It sound like a suspect got out of that minivan and broke into the truck, then drove away with it.

The family is hopeful the 2002 Ford F-250 is located soon and returned in good condition. They’ve filed a police report and have been getting the word out through local media. Help spread the word so hopefully this has a positive resolution.

Car theft has been out of control for years now. Unfortunately, some government leaders seem to be dragging their feet on really doing something useful about the problem. That makes it more important than ever to take extra steps to secure your ride. There are a lot of ways to do that, like installing an alarm with push notifications, GPS trackers, kill switch, Trunk Monkey, etc. Unfortunately, like Jacob Watson you might just be going about your day when someone decides to just take your property.

Source: Fox 32 Chicago

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