Old Man Crashes Old Car Into Old Wall

Apr 7, 2022 1 min read
Old Man Crashes Old Car Into Old Wall

And it’s not pretty…

An elderly man crashed his Volkswagen Karmann Ghia in the city of Ballito on the afternoon of April 4. He hit a wall in the Long Island residential complex, the front end of the classic car sustaining significant damage. Even worse, the driver had to be transported to a local hospital.

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According to the local report, the man sustained leg injuries in the front-end collision. He also suffered cuts on his face. We hate to see something like this happen. It’s awful when a beautiful classic is damaged, but when a human is also hurt the situation is far worse.

Thankfully, with the engine located in the rear, the extensive front-end damage should involve minimal mechanical problems. However, with the increasing rarity of Karmann Ghias, getting the German car repaired in South Africa might prove more costly than if it were in Germany or the United States. The undamaged sections of the Volkswagen look almost immaculate, so the man likely has pampered the vehicle. Hopefully he’s able to restore it to look as good as it did before.

The voluptuous body for the Karmann Ghia, also called the Volkswagen Type 14, was designed by the great Luigi Segre of Carozzeria Ghia S.p.A. Joined with a Beetle floorpan which had been widened slightly, the dramatic coupe was unveiled as the 1955 Frankfurt International Motor Show, wowing enthusiasts. After all, nobody expected something so curvaceous from VW.

Two years later, a cabriolet version of the Karmann Ghia was unveiled. Production ran into late 1974. Some rare versions of the car were made during the successful production run. Thanks to the extensive damage on this particular car in South Africa, it’s difficult to tell if this might be more than a run-of-the-mill model. However, interest in Karmann Ghias has been growing lately.

Source: The North Coast Courier

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