7-Second Chevy Camaro Takes On AWD Honda Civic

Oct 12, 2023 2 min read
7-Second Chevy Camaro Takes On AWD Honda Civic

Which one is the biggest sleeper?

In an enthralling juxtaposition of raw power and precise engineering, the drag racing scene witnessed an electrifying face-off between a monstrous 2011 Chevy Camaro and a nimble 1993 Honda Civic hatchback. The key players? A colossal 3,000-HP beneath the Camaro's hood and a deceptively speedy Civic with all-wheel drive. This thrilling "This vs. That" challenge is presented by the adrenaline junkies over at Hoonigan.

Meet the Camaro, christened "Precious". But don’t be swayed by its demure name. This beast of a car roars with a Late Model Engines-crafted twin-turbo 427, purpose-built for straight-line showdowns. The ensemble boasts of an impressive set of components, including Diamond pistons, Jesel valvetrain, and a trio of dry sump lubrication stages. And, if you're wondering about that thrust, it comes from a pair of Comp Turbo 8890 60mm ballbearing turbochargers. Although it boasts the potential to churn out 4,000 horsepower, "Precious" is throttled back to a mere 3,000 horsepower for this duel. Anchoring all this might are 29.50x10.5-15 drag radials. Yet, even with such grip, there are concerns about the Camaro's ability to maintain traction on a challenging no-prep surface.

Enter the contender: the 1993 Honda Civic hatchback. This isn’t your everyday Civic – it's a meticulously crafted drag machine. The Civic counters with a potent LS/VTEC four-cylinder engine, pumped with 40 psi of boost to dish out 900 horsepower. And the genius doesn't end there: it channels its might through a fortified five-speed CR-V transmission and a 1996 Honda Civic wagon rear end. With all-wheel drive on its side, the Civic gains an edge in traction, compounded by a lighter chassis.

So, on one end, we have raw, unrivaled horsepower, and on the other, superior traction and agility. Which racer will reign supreme on the unprepped track? Well, you'll just have to watch and feel the rubber burn and engines roar. One thing's for sure; this isn't just a race. It's a symphony of engineering and strategy, showcasing the sheer range and diversity of drag racing! Ready, set, rev!

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