Catalytic Converter Thieves Hit With Paintballs

Jan 7, 2024 2 min read
Catalytic Converter Thieves Hit With Paintballs

Maybe next time use something stronger?

Catalytic converter theft is out of control is so many areas and people are just sick of it. After all, a new cat can set you back several hundred dollars, which is why these punks steal them using a Sawzall. We personally think they should have to pay for making people suffer all because they just want a quick buck, so it made us laugh to see some people take action and hit a couple of catalytic converter thieves with a barrage of paintballs.

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In the video of the incident, the two would-be thieves are shown crawling underneath a Ford Excursion. Then you hear the noise of the pair sawing through the exhaust system to harvest the valuable cat. An alarm goes off and the pair is momentarily scared, but after it’s turned off they get back to work.

Little did they know the homeowner was grabbing his paintball gun to teach them a lesson. He opens fire while they’re still under the vehicle and pursues them as they run away, pelting them with a few more rounds.

If you’ve never been hit by a paintball, they hurt when you’re not wearing thick clothing. We know from experience the paint-filled balls can leave a pretty nasty welt if they hit bare skin.

Still, some wonder if this was a good idea. After all, the catalytic converter thieves might have had a real firearm and returned fire, turning the situation deadly. There admittedly is a potential for that, but we think the outcome here was pretty hilarious.

Per a local news report, the family which owns the Ford has dealt with seven attempts to steal the catalytic converter. We have no idea what that cat sells for on the black market, but it must be a lot. It’s sad, but maybe they should invest in one of those locking cages? What a time we live in.

Source: ABC 10

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