Car Collection Showcases Modern Classics

Nov 4, 2022 1 min read
Car Collection Showcases Modern Classics

Which one is your favorite?

The 1980s and 1990s were special times for car people, especially when you’re talking about performance. In Japan cars like the 240SX or the NSX we’re taking the global stage by storm. In America the invention of the LS1 reinvigorated the Camaros and Firebirds we all love. So it actually makes a lot of sense that so many collections, particularly in Europe, revolve almost entirely around cars made in that time. This particular gathering of old-school automobiles is one that shows his age well. It really makes us question how they were able to make such great cars so long ago.

One of the main attractions in the collection has to be the beautiful Renault Turbo GT5 and the competitor that sits next to it. This deep blue hot hatch follows a very similar design language to other hatchback sports cars available at the time. With about 1.3-liters of displacement and an ultra light body, this along with many others like it became icons to anyone with an eye for economy sports cars. Right next to it is a Peugeot 205 GTi finished in a bright red paint job. Both of these vehicles would have been at each other’s after their initial production but now they sit peacefully together in the same garage.

In barn number two you can find a stunning blue MG TF 160 whose body looks just as good as the day it was made. Cars like this deserve to be preserved and that’s exactly what it’s getting as, despite the clear presence of pigeons, it’s very clean and will likely run and drive if prompted to do so. Of course, not all of his cars are from a time before computers. This is best represented by the 2016 Porsche GT4 whose engine and sport exhaust give fire to a 400 bhp flame. All of this is to say that the owner of this collection has done an incredibly good job at taking care of his cars and as car people we can’t help but smile at that.

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