Canadian Cops Ticket Hot Rod For Safety Concerns

Jan 17, 2024 2 min read
Canadian Cops Ticket Hot Rod For Safety Concerns

Are they being serious?

Canada sure has some weird laws, but we’re shocked to learn a guy who was just cruising around in his Ford Deuce hot rod picked up a ticket for it being unsafe, according to CKPG Today. The issue wasn’t that the vehicle is too powerful, has an archaic overall design, or is lowered.

Check out the infamous jet car jump stunt here.

Instead, police took issue with it not having fenders or mudflaps. Have these cops ever seen a hot rod in their life? Maybe they have, but they’re following the BC Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. And they have zero sense for fun.

We might have seen a ’32 Ford hot rod with mudflaps and fenders in the past, but we honestly don’t recall such a thing. What we want to know is if these guys would cite anyone driving other classics which from the factory don’t come with such features?

And we get it: rock throws from other vehicles can cause damage to windshields and body panels, or your head if you’re in a convertible. But this seems like a rather aggressive way to enforce the law. Next we’ll hear of a small town in British Columbia that’s outlawed dancing because kids got together and had a raucous dance that burned down the old Finley barn.

Thankfully, the owner of this hot rod isn’t just going to pay the fine, then add some fenders and mudflaps to make his Deuce look weird. He claims it was inspected not too long before the citation, but the Mounties (or Royal Canadian Mounted Police as they like to be called) did a roadside inspection and determined the vehicle was out of line.

The argument of the hot rod owner is that his vehicle is modified and period-correct, which looking at it we’d certainly agree. Go to just about any large car gathering in North America as well as many other parts of the world and you’ll see a ’32 Ford just like it, if not multiples.

Just what is going on in Canada?

Image via CKPG Today

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