Camaro Factory Hit By Thieves Again

Sep 20, 2022 1 min read
Camaro Factory Hit By Thieves Again

Only this time they weren’t successful…

On the morning of September 12, two teenagers were caught trying to steal Camaros straight from GM Lansing Grand River Assembly. This is far from the first time the factory has been the target of thieves. In fact, it and other automakers assembly plants have been the focus of crime rings for a while now. This time was different because the thieves were quickly caught and arrested.

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According to a report from local station WILX, the two 19-year-old men from Detroit succesfully made off with two Camaros. However, their lack of driving skills got them in trouble in a hurry. Both of them crashed the muscle cars.

The first suspect hit a concrete barrier and likely realized the car was done for. He took off on foot, but police say the foot pursuit was over in short order. As for the second suspect, he ran into a fence, also jumping out of the stolen Camaro and getting caught quickly.

General Motors released a statement after the theft and arrest: “General Motors is working with local law enforcement. We will pursue prosecution of the involved individuals to the fullest extent of the law. As we do as a normal course in our operations, we are reviewing our procedures to tighten security at the plant.”

Back in March of this year, GM reported to police that “several’ vehicles were stolen from the Lansing Grand River Assembly storage lot. While the Camaro is assembled at the factory, so are the Cadillac CT4 and CT5.

Then in May, several thieves boosted 5 Camaros from the factory, leading police on an epic chase down I-96. After deploying stop sticks and other techniques, police were able to recover all the muscle cars and apprehended the 9 suspects. Sure, some of the Camaros were fairly damaged, but at least they weren’t sold on the black market.

Source: WILX

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